What to Gift a Friend Who Needs Stress Relief?

What to Gift a Friend Who Needs Stress Relief?

If you’re anything like me, you can feel the holiday stress rising.  

In addition to the suggestions below, you can also get more ideas here for simple gifts.

We’ve all been dealing with a lot lately between the pandemic, working from home, the limited social gatherings, and so on… the rules keep changing and we keep trying to adapt, which brings on stress.

Without a doubt, the best gifts this holiday season are gifts for stress relief. 

We still want to be together, we still have fun gift-giving and we still appreciate the moment. So let’s do it in the most relaxing way possible even if some rules have changed.

With festivities just around the corner, here are a few ideas on what to gift someone who needs some stress relief.

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Noise Canceling Headphones

A lot of our stress comes from outside noise. Give these noise-canceling headphones as a gift for stress relief.

These headphones can be worn anywhere, but they are especially useful when working from home, as it’s sometimes hard to concentrate and separate private and professional life.


You’ll be using this deck of cards quite a bit for stress relief. Offer it to a friend or family member who’s overworked and overwhelmed or just someone who needs to relax and take some time out.

It includes easy exercises, meditation, mindfulness, and easy stress management techniques. The card is compact, which is a plus.


Weighted blankets help you sleep better. All cozy and snug, this blanket will give you the feeling of being hugged. You’ll feel calmer and less stressed.

Enjoy this weighted blanket during the winter months and see the difference it makes on your restless nights.


Use this essential oil diffuser to relax and relieve stress after a long day.

On weekends take time out and enjoy it even more by diffusing your favorite essential oils. Create different moods, use it for health purposes, or just relax.

Shiatsu Style Massage

Need a great shiatsu massage? This massage pillow is the next best thing.

With 3 adjustable speeds, it’s rotating nodes offer some deep kneading stress relief and does away with neck, back, and other muscle tensions.

Foot Massage

For those who like foot massages, these 10 independent moving rollers are excellent for some serious stress relief.

It helps with conditions such as heel or arch pain or just tired feet at the end of the day, or at any time.

It even comes with a foot reflexogy chart which I think is extremely useful.

So try a slow foot dance on this foot massage roller and see what happens.

Moon Lamp

Everyone loves these lamps! Relax with its soft light before bed, or create a no-stress environment.

With an array of different lighted colors to choose from, you can match a color to your mood with a simple touch, pat, or remote control.

Buddha Board

What’s a buddha board? It’s the ultimate for those who need some stress relief.

It’s also for anyone with a little imagination, especially people who need to learn to let go.

Create soft beautiful images on your board in your unique style and as the water evaporates, the image fades slowly. Reduce stress with endless drawing possibilities!

Learning to let go is not easy and takes practice. This gift can help.

Emoji Stress Balls

There are so many incredible benefits from just playing around with these emoji stress balls.

They make great stocking stuffers, kids love them, and it’s good fun for everyone to reduce the slightest stress.

Helps with joint stiffness, relaxes your mind, and shifts the negative focus. Take your stress out on these emoji balls!

Special stress-free gifts for women

Revitalize with gold masks

These special eye masks reduce puffy eyes and make you feel less tired and look less stressed.

Place patches underneath your eyes and just relax.

Shower Bombs

Bath bombs are a big deal, but shower bombs are even better! The pack comes with 6 different effervescent steamers that fizz up and diffuse wonderful essential oils.

Use them to relax, when you have a cold, when you need to destress, any reason is a good reason.

Stress Reducer Roll-On

Chill roll-on helps you to relax and reduce stress. It’s small enough to carry everywhere and simple to use. Also, it’s a great stocking stuffer.

This roll-on is kosher and vegan certified and prediluted with coconut oil for safe use.

Avoid Holiday Stress

woman hair drying morning routine

Holiday stress can get overwhelming quite fast.

Try to relieve the craziness of preparing, organizing, and pleasing everyone by having just one rule: do simple.

Organize only the essential things and remember to delegate so that everyone participates! By keeping this in mind you reduce your own stress and leave room for more shared happy moments.

Start by making a list of people you’d like to give a present to, use the ideas above to help you out, or check this post for more gift giving ideas.

Depending on where you are in the world, this year the holidays may be a little different, but there are ways to make it wonderful nonetheless.


Happy Holidays!