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Be Inspired and Plan with Tips for Family Travel.


Open your heart and explore together, it’s such a fantastic way to discover other cultures and learn from those different from us.

Plan to make the best of it.

Travel makes us all grow and shapes our beliefs so we can all contribute to a better world.



Planning a family trip to Europe?  The South of France is a perfect destination. A mixture of colorful cities, warm beaches, lots of sunshine and many activities for everyone.    Travel to the South of France 

South East Asia encompasses many countries if you’re ready for some adventure and a change of culture. Eat delicious local food, perfect your miming skills and plan on exploring together major temples or hidden out of the way places.  Travel to South East Asia.

Plan how you will travel, make a budget, check all the boxes for a stress-free vacation. The first step is saving but that’s not always easy. Check these tips: Save Money

Also once you are there make sure to stay safe. Learn some Safety Tips.

If you’re like many families, then, of course, you can’t travel whenever you’d like. Obligations, right?

But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a few things at home to get that travel feel! Get everyone involved and travel with your taste buds.  Cook Together

Plan to be a tourist in your own hometown when you can’t travel!

Learn a few steps towards a Simple Living Lifestyle and feel lighter. It can be very useful while traveling.



Everything is possible if you take the time to plan for it.

As a solo parent, I’ve had people frown on me taking my kids everywhere, I’ve heard everything from they’re too young, they’re too old, it’s dangerous, they’ll never remember, how can you travel so much on your salary or you just think of yourself .. the list keeps going.

But if travel is a priority, if it’s an experience you truly want for yourself and your kids, then you have to do what feels comfortable for you and your family.

From the idea to actually living the experience, it takes a little organization and planning, but the effort is worth it.

Everyone will benefit from seeing what’s on the other side!




Family Travel. Simple Living.

Be. Together.