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Among the easy summer cocktails to enjoy anytime, the caipirinha is a favorite and takes only 15 minutes to make!

Brazil’s number 1 most delicious cocktail uses simple ingredients and transports you straight into your most memorable vacation.

Among all the easy summer cocktails recipes, this one has very few ingredients: cachaça, limes, and sugar cane.

If you replace the cachaça with vodka it becomes a Caipirovska. You could also be adventurous and try a maracuja (passion fruit) version which you’ll never forget!


  • 2 limes
  • 30cl cachaça (or rhum if you can’t find cachaça)
  • 3 tsp sugar cane or regular sugar
  • crushed ice


  1. Cut the limes into very small pieces. It’s best to take out the central white membrane.

  2. Use a pitcher or other recipient to mix in the sugar over the lime pieces and “crush” to extract the lime juice

  3. Add the ice and shake until all ingredients are well blended. Use a shaker if you have one.

  4. Prep the glass by sliding the lime around the rim and placing it upside down in the sugar.

  5. Serve your delicious caipirinha and beware – it’s sweetness may lead you to drink a bit too much..

Serves 4. You can also make the caipirinha directly in individual glasses.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach of Ipanema 🙂


sangria in square jug

Sangria has Spanish origins and is, of course, one of the best-known drinks of all time!

Sangria is packed with fruity flavor and sweetness.

There are a few easy summer cocktails you can enjoy in any season or situation where you’d want to celebrate, relax or enjoy. And Sangria is one of them.

The deep reds and oranges of this fruity drink it’s like having a direct ticket to Spain with every sip!


  • 750ml of Red Wine – use a good quality wine that you enjoy drinking as its a central ingredient in your sangria!
  • 1/4 cup of Brandy or a triple sec if no brandy.
  • 1 of each : lemon, orange, apple, peach – you could also innovate and use different fruits to your liking
  • 1 cup fresh orange juice or juice of 2+ oranges

  • Cinamon sticks and mint sprigs + any other pinch of spice you love

  • sparkling water (optional)


  1. Choose a large pitcher.

  2. Chop all the fruits into small chunks and wedges. Leave the skin on.

  3. Add in the wine, the brandy and the sugar if using. Mix it all up real good.

  4. Place your pitcher in the refrigerator for several hours. Remember the longer you leave it to infuse the better the taste.

  5. Serve over ice and (optional) add sparkling water for a fuzzy taste.

  6. Add a few pieces of fruit inside the glass

    Makes 10 servings.


number 51 pastis summer cocktails

If you’ve ever been in the south of France, well, you know the locals can’t get enough of Pastis.

So, among popular and easy summer cocktails, Pastis is probably way up on the list on this side of the world.

Its anise flavor coupled with a sprinkle of licorice powder gives it a distinct taste. It’s easy to drink and reminds us of the stronger greek Ouzo or middle eastern Arak – minus the herbs and a few other ingredients.

Pastis is an easy summer drink to share with friends or during a game of petanque 🙂

Actually, any occasion is an excellent reason to enjoy a Pastis.

Summer is just another excuse to enjoy this delicious drink. But you have to like the taste of anise and licorice.

Otherwise, there are plenty of other easy summer cocktails to choose from!


Making a tall glass of pastis can’t get any easier.

Pour about 1/2 an inch of pastis into a glass.

Add cool to cold water to the top. (7 parts water to 1 part pastis)

Sip slowly until you are transported to the South of France.


4. MARGARITA Mexico in a Glass.

margarita cocktail recipe

A Margarita evokes visions of a vacation on a sandy beach away from it all.

Among other summer cocktails, it can be high in alcohol, but you can dose it to your liking and it will still taste perfect. I

t’s a delicious summer cocktail with simple ingredients like Tequila, tangy lime juice, and orangy triple sec.

Of course, this classic cocktail, summer or not, goes great with Mexican food l or just shake up a few batches to enjoy with friends.

Are you feeling ready to go further? Try a strawberry margarita or pineapple, and why not watermelon?


2 oz tequila – preferably Blanco as the others have a high amount of unknown sugars

1 oz triple sec – or any good quality orangey liquor

2 tbsp agave syrup

1 lime squeezed + 1 lime wheel for the rim

Kosher salt for the rim


  1. Combine the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice in shaker.
    Add some ice cubes and keep shaking.

  2. Taste for sweetness and if necessary add a couple more teaspoons sugar.

  3. Prep your glass by sliding a lime around the rim. Then place the glass upside down in kosher salt.

  4. Now make a slit in the lime wheel and place it on the rim. You’re ready to enjoy.


summer cocktails aperol italy

Although Aperol Spritz was made famous via all the instagram shots, it’s actually 100 years old and people have been enjoying its sweet flavor for a long time.

it’s actually pretty good. Sweet and at the same time the bitter orange gives it a nice twist.

Add prosecco and sparkling water, and you have a direct ticket to Italy’s beautiful shores.


  • 5 oz Aperol – has the color of an orangy sunset
  • 5 oz Dry Prosecco
  • 2 oz club soda or sparkling water
  • Slice of lemon or orange for over the rim


  1. Put some ice cubes in your glass. Add equal amounts of Aperol and prosecco.

  2. Add a few splashes of sparkling water.

  3. Add an orange or lemon wheel to the rim.

Notes: if it’s too bitter, reduce the Aperol and add more prosecco. If it’s too alcoholly for you, reduce Aperol and Prosecco and add more club soda

Makes 2 glasses in 5 minutes.


Among all the combinations of possible summer cocktails, the list is way too long to go through here.

I’ve chosen the summer cocktails easiest to make with the possibility of reducing the percentage of alcohol if needed, without losing any flavor.

You can travel to Brasil, the South of France, and Mexico and Spain without leaving your backyard. Make sure your summer cocktails are infused correctly, chilled, and just sit back to enjoy.


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