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Girls celebrating joy on the beach! Photo: Urban Pax

Our mission is to help you take the word “complicated” out of your vocabulary when it comes to planning your vacation or a simple weekend together.

Considering these hard times for travel, a weekend getaway close to home is probably the best choice right now.

We hope you’ll find inspiration and practical tips to help you!



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Behind Urban Pax is our family.

Urban Pax. Pax means peace and I willingly named our blog this way to always keep peace at the forefront of everything I do and the message I try to convey.

We are a family of 3… I’m Karen (for those who don’t know me yet) – and my two “extraordinary” girls! (aha don’t we all say that about our kids 🙂
I’m a single mom, a writer, an avid traveler, and an artist among other things.

And like so many of us, I wear different caps to get things done which can get pretty stressful at times.


The generation before me is Italian, French, and Egyptian but I was born in Brazil, have lived in Canada, the US, and now in the South of France.

I’ve always traveled a lot and have had a hard time knowing where home was until my daughter was born. Then it was confirmed again the day my second daughter was born.
Home was being together. 

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Learn Outside The Bubble

Traveling is an important part of any human education. 

It gets us out of our “bubble” and shows us what’s on the other side.

.We are all world citizens and realizing that others do and think things differently is a real eye-opener and helps kids (and adults) grow at all ages.

Whether you need actionable steps for stress-free travel or help with specific itineraries, it’s all about creating a simple plan that works for you.


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Photo: Urban Pax


This blog came to life after many of my friends asked me about travel, travel tips and how to this and how to that…

So I wanted to share, inspire them, and bring you value as well!

I hope you’ll join us !



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Celebrating life on the beach! Greece. Photo: Urban Pax

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! I look forward to getting to know you 🙂