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Girls celebrating joy on the beach! Photo: Urban Pax


So glad you’re here!

Do you ever wish you could travel more with your family?

Or you feel overwhelmed at the task of planning daily life let alone vacations?

We travel via our own planning as well as practice quality time together close to home.

It’s not always an easy flow, especially with teens. But our goal is to create and re-enforce bonds as much as possible while having some fun!

If you’re ready to put in a little work, make up a few plans and have a lot of motivation, then we’ll show you how to take the word “complicated” out of your vocabulary.



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Learn outside the bubble

Traveling is an important part of any human education.  It gets us out of our “bubble” and shows us what’s on the other side.


.We are all world citizens and realizing that others do and think things differently is a real eye-opener and helps kids (and adults) grow at all ages.


Whether you need actionable steps or just want to chill in the kitchen on a lazy weekend, it’s all about creating a plan that works for you. The main objective is for everyone in your family to feel happy while traveling and shine in their own way when at home.
Yes yes, it’s possible and it can even be a smooth and exciting process 🙂


Behind Urban Pax is our family.

Our family is ..myself – Karen (for those who don’t know me yet) – and my two “extraordinary” girls – aha don’t we all say that about our kids? 🙂
Like all moms, I’m always busy with long lists of stuff to do, but our number 1 priority is always our family.
And now yours if you want to join us!


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So a little about me… I’m a single mom with two teens. School, work, obligations but also lots of travel and fun closer to home.

I’m also an artist, love photography and on different days I wear different caps to get stuff done. (I’m sure you have quite a collection of caps too)

I close my eyes when I feel the wind in my hair, and daydream in front of pink sunsets. Trying new things in the kitchen is a weekend thing.

And in general, we try to keep life simple.


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The generation before me is Italian, French and Egyptian but I was born in Brazil, have lived in Canada and the US and now in the South of France.

I’ve always had a hard time knowing where home was. Each country represented something different in my life, so this question kept coming back up.

Well, the answer became extremely clear the day my daughter was born.

Then it was confirmed again the day my second daughter was born.
Home was simply being together.



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Photo : Urban Pax



This blog came to life after many of my friends asked me how I’ve managed as a single mother to take my kids traveling all over the world since they were very young.

So I decided to lay on “paper” some tips, ideas and hopefully some inspiration for them – and for you.

When we can’t travel (obligations right ? ) we still try to get away on weekends or just simply chill at home because life is still amazing wherever we are.
There is always something to explore and learn from.

It’s a choice and we hope that you will share this choice with us. 🙂




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Celebrating life on the beach! Greece. Photo: Urban Pax






If you have any questions or need to contact us it’s this way 🙂